Competition for the BIG headquarters

On 28 February 2014, the German artist Tobias Rehberger won BIG’s artistic competition for the offices, conference rooms and circulation areas of the BIG headquarters’ 12th and 13th floors.

The judges explained their decision as follows:
“Tobias Rehberger’s design entitled Time To … focuses on selected areas on the BIG headquarters’ 12th and 13th storeys. He will paint large abstract murals in bright colours onto the walls, which will extend the space around the timepieces affixed to them. The light panels of these wall objects act as a kind of binary clock and address a phenomenon that each and every one of us is confronted with every day. This phenomenon dominates both our private and professional lives; on the one hand, through the deadlines that define our everyday lives, and on the other hand, through our general life span, which at times seems to pass by quickly and at other times slowly. This is a highly professional, compelling work that impressed us with its artistic individuality. It is an extraordinary project for the identity of BIG’s premises, not least thanks to the artist’s international reputation.”