There are currently several thousand works of art in BIG buildings. In addition to the more than 30 BIG ART projects and the many “art for architecture” works dating back to the second half of the 20th century, there are also countless works of art and artefacts of great significance in terms of heritage protection and architecture on and in the buildings of BIG.

The enormous spectrum of objects ranges from paintings, sculptures, mosaics and murals, façades and interior designs, stucco and frescoes, to historic tiled stoves, windows and lighting fixtures. A few years ago, a team of art historians documented all of these objects and created a database. The aim, in addition to comprehensively documenting the art in the BIG portfolio, was to assess the condition of the objects and to photograph them. In the course of creating this inventory, the team visited hundreds of buildings (schools, universities, courthouses, office and administration buildings, finance and customs offices and churches) throughout Austria.

It is important to preserve this cultural heritage and to carry out restoration work where necessary. We would like to present to you a selection of recent restoration projects.