Friday, November 5th 2021, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, 1030 Vienna

A Conference by BIG
in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna

BIG ART organises and implements art projects and is responsible for the body of artworks in the buildings managed by the Austrian Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG). In view of a growing body of artworks and artistic interventions, the necessity of renovating and extending buildings, and the general shortage of space, the question of how to preserve and archive these artefacts is becoming increasingly urgent. BIG understands this problem as one of the cultural and sociopolitical challenges facing us today and joins experts from a range of disciplines to discuss the structural conditions that need to be created in order to ensure the necessary scope for both preserving the old and enabling the new.


  • Jakob Helmut Deibl, Assistant Professor for Religion and Aesthetics, University of Vienna
  • Uta Hassler, Architect and professor emeritus at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich
  • Cathrine Mellander Backman, Senior Adviser at the Departement for Cultural Environment at the Swedish National Heritage Board
  • Linus Neumann, Hacker, Spokesman of the Chaos Computer Club
  • Henrik Orrje, Head of Department for Supervision, Collection and Administration, Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Katrina Petter, Head of Public Art Lower Austria
  • Hans Ulrich Reck, Philosopher and Art Historian, Professor emeritus of Art History in the Context of Media and until 2020 Rector at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne


  • Claudia Büttner, Art historian and freelance curator, Munich
  • Klaus-Jürgen Bauer, Architect, architectural theorist, author, exhibition curator, adult educator, member of the BIG ART Advisory Committee for many years
  • Cornelia Offergeld, Curator and art historian, chairperson of the BIG ART Advisory Committee

Presentation and exhibition

Projects developed by students within the framework of the courses “Sammlungen und Archive – vom Umgang mit den Dingen” (lecturer: Georgia Holz) and “Urban Explorations” (lecturer: Jeanette Pacher) at the Department of Site-Specific Art (head: Paul Petritsch).
With contributions by: Rosa Andraschek, Christian Christiansen, Gregory Desneux, Oskar Enetjärn, Lara Erel, Kim Gubbini, Natalia Gurova, Konstanze Horak, Bart Houwers, Yu Isogawa, Elizaveta Kapustina, Emma Kaufmann-LaDuc, Ana Mumladze, Miki Okamura, Michael Plessl, Felix Schwentner, Julian Siffert, Sissi Petutschnig, Ilena Sophia Trump, Mariya Tsaneva, Anna-Sophia Unterstab, Tsai-Ju Wu