Zwei Bodensupplierungen (Two Stand-In Floors) – AHS Klostergasse Vienna

Positioned in key areas on the school premises, Ralo Mayer’s two interventions create something of a spatial-temporal bracket for the secondary school AHS Klostergasse: they combine renovation and new-build, pasts and futures, representation and play. Ralo Mayer’s work is inspired by the idea of temporality and change, and also incorporates the school’s request that something from the old school building be transferred into the newly renovated building. For that reason, the old floor that was demolished during the renovations is reused in combination with coloured cement to form a new terrazzo flooring in the entrance hall. Only when the geometrically arranged symbols are interpreted as letters, do the words ÜBERGESTERN and VORMORGEN (a play on words combining the German terms “übermorgen”, i.e. the day after tomorrow, and “vorgestern”, the day before yesterday) become legible – a playful commentary on the historical meaning of the entrance hall. As far as the courtyard goes, the playing court is given a blue surface with letters that look like geometric shapes at first. When viewed from above, the words VERLERNEN and LERNEN (to unlearn and to learn) emerge. Ralo Mayer believes that a future-oriented school is not only a place of learning, but also a place of adapting and of reevaluating knowledge in order to make social change possible and to reflect on it. The openness of the terms he uses calls, with remarkable ease, for individual reflective processes and sets the school apart as a place of reflective education and development. At the same time, by making use of upcycling or by reusing old parts of the building, Ralo Mayer ensures that his artistic interventions seamlessly blend into the architecture.