Comprising the Universe – BG/BRG Sillgasse Innsbruck

By merging spirituality, artistic expression and mathematics in the glass objects she created for the academic secondary school Gymnasium Sillgasse, Habima Fuchs playfully points to the school’s natural and cultural sciences focus. Her coloured glass creations, made using traditional artisanal techniques, are essentially Platonic solids that are based on mathematical/geometrical representations of the five elements. She created one piece for each of the school’s above-ground floors. Each piece is a stand-alone object that is positioned close to one of the large windows in the learning zones. This means that the glass objects project colourful reflections onto the floor that transform with the changing angle of the sun’s rays. By assigning an element / Platonic solid and a colour to each floor, Habima Fuchs created a “line” that runs vertically through the building and also establishes points of orientation. At the same time, her pieces carry the centuries-old tradition of glass craftsmanship into the present.