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Media owner:
BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
Trabrennstraße 2c
1020 Vienna

T +43 50 244-0

Business Register No. FN 34897w
Vienna Commercial Court
VAT No. ATU38270401
Member of the Vienna Economic Chamber
Competent authority in accordance with § 5 ECG: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des II. Bezirks and MA 63

Applicable laws:

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Managing directors:
DI Wolfgang Gleissner
DI Hans-Peter Weiss

Supervisory committee:
Christine Catasta, chairperson
Christine Marek, deputy chairperson
Wolfgang Hesoun
Martin Holzinger, MBA
Elisabeth Gruber
Markus Neurauter
Thomas Rasch, member of the works council
Jürgen Krausler, member of the works council
Daniela Böckl, member of the works council

Sole shareholder:
Österreichische Beteiligungs AG

Website design/concept:
Nelkengasse 4/4
1060 Vienna

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fivetwo // Botond Csergöffy

Object of the Company
(a) To provide space for federal purposes, either by itself or together with third parties, and for this purpose, with particular regard to the Federal Government’s needs, above all to acquire, utilise, manage, let and sell properties and facilities, to erect and maintain buildings, and to render key building administration services;

(b) to acquire, utilise, manage, let and sell properties, facilities and rights in rem, to erect and maintain buildings, and to render key building administration services for purposes other than federal purposes.

However, in view of the market regulations under Community law (in particular, State aid rules, public procurement law and competition law), the services the Company performs for the Federal Government pursuant to Sec 3(1)(a) must outweigh all others;

(c) to render property management and construction management services;

(d) to exploit and sell properties and parts of properties that are not utilised by the Federal Government;

(e) to operate as a property developer;

(f) to establish branch offices, to acquire, lease, manage, exploit and sell companies, to participate in companies and corporations whose key object corresponds with those set out in points (a) to (d), and to manage and represent said companies and corporations;

(g) to perform other ancillary and incidental transactions related to the object of the Company, however excluding all transactions subject to the provisions of the Austrian Banking Act (Bankwesengesetz);

(h) to perform duties in accordance with the Austrian Federal Real Estate Act (Bundesimmobiliengesetz), Federal Law Gazette I No 141/2000 as amended.


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