Farbräume, Segel (Colour Spectra, Sails) – JKU Kepler Hall

Gilbert Bretterbauer’s curtain for the Kepler Hall on the campus of Johannes Kepler University in Linz is an autonomous textile installation based on the proportions and rhythm of the serially structured glass façade. Bretterbauer developed different geometric colour patterns for each side of the building. These consist of individual modules generated through diagonal divisions of the basic form. The curtain becomes the textile “inner façade” of the transparent building and adds another visual and tactile layer. The visible seams also allow insight into the production process of the work.

The design underscores the simple, open architecture and adds a rhythmic dynamic to the façade’s consistent verticality. The colours create a cheerful, lively atmosphere in the room’s discreet design and act as a beacon showing the way to the Kepler Hall, the “gateway to the campus”.